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Default Re: Statement from WST Independent Secretary

Originally Posted by Quay Red View Post
Alan is not a member of any board.
He is the independent secretary.
He therefore takes the minutes at official meetings of both boards and has no vote.
He will advise if there is a breach of the rules.
Quay- you seem to be in the know and appear to back the actions of the football board to date.

A question - Did not involving the full WST board in discussions on removing GB and appointing BH comply with our rules in both the letter and the spirit of a fans owned club. Only asking in the hope you would have some insight.

Does anyone know if Alan is going to be there tonight to answer questions regarding any breach of the rules.

For the avoidance of doubt, I have always been a big fan of ownership by the WST and have put my money where my mouth is since the Beer a week days turning up to most demonstrations , marches and meetings.

The running of the footballing side of the club has been incompetent over the last three seasons IMHO.