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Default Re: WST Statement From Alan Fox

Originally Posted by Always The Kop View Post
A very measured message to fans. Nobody deserves personal abuse, it's totally uncalled for ( apologies I don't know how to post it on to here )

Fans need to stick together, don't become like that lot down the road.

Honest open discussion yes, abuse totally uncalled for and it needs to stop

Don't make tonight into a witch hunt of individuals, collectively they all need to sort out the communication issues etc for the benefit of our club, there are more positives than negatives in the structure. We can all move forward as a fan base and that includes the boards and lets finish the season in a positive fashion on the pitch.

The new manager needs a good show of fans tonight so he knows he has our backing, so get yourself to the Cent tonight.

Totally agree, very measured, which is all our responsibility to be measured and polite, personal abuse has no place in this as we all want the same- the best for Wrexham fc.
Please be measured and ask constructive questions tonight

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