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Default Re: Barrow Dropped Us In It, No Differnt Than Rickets

Originally Posted by chef1 View Post
When Spencer said do you all remember the Newport and Salford game but conveniently then forgets to mention the next 5 shambolic displays Id had enough of his bull shit .He then went on to say on the day of trying to sort out the managerial position he was far to busy to do it yet completely rebuffed the guys idea of a paid ceo because it wd cost money and were fine cos he does a gd job for free.Were stuck with this circus now and all this back slapping is here to stay
Think he had to go to parents evening. Willl our CEO only be employed if he or she does not have kids?

I am not as it happens completely against the idea but I think it could be a real tricky one. Our last sort of paid ceo went to Burnley if you recall. Nice chap invited a few of us up to talk through how they worked, how they did hospitality etc
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