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Default Re: Barrow Dropped Us In It, No Differnt Than Rickets

Originally Posted by Prodigal Dragon View Post
Your interpretation of events does more harm than good, wrongly suggesting an error of judgement by the Board was, in fact, the fault of Lawrence and Barrow. We all make mistakes, but transferring the blame merely compounds the error.

The root of the problem was extending Barrow’s contract as assistant manager before Lawrence had agreed and signed his contract to become our new manager, after Ricketts had left. Barrow had already stated he had no desire to be the boss but would use his rich experience to mentor an inexperienced, younger manager. Personally, I think a Lawrence-Barrow management could have been a perfect fit. However, once T&T improved Lawrence’s deal he decided not to return to Wrexham. This was very inconvenient for the club, and raises doubts about Lawrence’s integrity but, fundamentally, we jumped the gun.

Once Barrow was in place, for some ‘personal reasons’, he quickly told the Board he had made a mistake when taking the post. The question is: why did he take the post? Was it a late personal desire to prove he could do it ( an ego trip)? Or was it an act to rescue the Board from an unfortunate predicament (more id than ego)? I do not know why he did it, but suspect the latter. Spencer Harris’s unwise words at the time may have been in jest, but they merely highlighted the error.

I fundamentally disagree with all the vicious bile aimed at Spencer over this and other issues. His error is that he cares too much about the club, and does too much instead of delegating when possible. Unfortunately, whilst your interpretation may be a genuine attempt to explain the issue, it can be interpreted as chaffing and flaring in an attempt to divert an incoming Slammer.

IMHO, the Board made a mistake. It would be a bigger mistake to compound the error by trying to divert blame onto Lawrence and especially Barrow.
Great post PD - yes it did leave us in a difficult situation but Barrow was completely different to Ricketts in my view.