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Default Re: 'Redpassion is a disgrace

Back slapping and self preservation exercise completed last night. As predicted everything swept under the carpet ala the Mills fiasco. They are without doubt pissed on their own importance.
The person from the board who constantly monitors Red Passion is John Mills, used to post but no longer has the backbone to.

No one held to account.

No apologies over the complete farce of the last 6 weeks or so.

This posted by Junior Shabadoo on the live thread sums it up for me. They really do believe their own hype don't they.

They’re not football novices...but they’ve overseen the rotting of the youth set up, reserves being abandoned, a revolving door of players and managers, done no due diligence on Mills, and jumped the gun on Lawrence to the point of making yet another swift change. And THEY’RE miffed at the suggestion they’re short of football knowledge. Jesus H Christ.
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