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Default Re: 'Redpassion is a disgrace

Originally Posted by CRUMBS View Post
Anyone think Andy Cobra was a stooge , an online presence .
Absolutely not, you are completely wrong there.

Andy is a long standing member of the London Reds I've known him for years and he has no personal connections to any of the board. He's also been posting on here for years.

In saying all this as another member of the London Reds I disagree with Andy and some of our other members (but not all as with the fanbase generally) quite a bit on this.

I'm quite a lot more sceptical about what has happened than many (but not all of our members) in recent weeks (and I do know some board members at least to an extent). I think we need a CEO and/or Director of Football to help the board out and that questions arise over the Barrow/Newell appointments.

But I do think he has a point that a lot of people will lay into the Trust establishment on here then go missing when they have an opportunity like last night to raise questions. Not sure RP is necessarily any more reflection of all the fanbase than the Trust establishment and supporters are.