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Default Re: 'Redpassion is a disgrace

Suppression of dissent. Fantastic.

I donít support Ad Hominem attacks on individual directors, but I think to question individual directors is completely fair game. Itís a voluntary role, you volunteered. With that doesnít just come thanks and sunshineís if you consistently make ridiculous decisions.

The facts of this are.

The WAFC board didnít inform the WST board (who represent the owners) of the Barrow situation, because the WST board are unable to keep anything to themselves. So they need to take some responsibility for that.

SH has for a long time been the most vocal, visible member of the WAFC board and gives the impression he owns the club, when in reality heís just another fan. This makes him therefore the most easily attacked member. At the same time, he needs to take some responsibility, if you canít take the heat etc.

The board have presided over some absolutely shocking decisions, giving Barrow a 2.5 year extension without a manager in place. Employing MN full stop, never mind on such a long contract. Then out of nowhere appoint a complete novice manager who failed in a league below us, on a 3.5 year contract. You gave the war chest to the outgoing manager, despite the fact he told you days in to his reign he didnít want the job anymore. Yet RP is the bad guy?

The board I fear has become an echo chamber for their own greatness. Anything that questions them is a ďdisgraceĒ. Welcome to socialist football.