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Default Re: 'Redpassion is a disgrace

Originally Posted by pagl View Post
RP is a disgrace because it doesnt toe the party line.
The top reds on here moan about abuse given to the board yet they abuse anyone that criticises the board. Double standards or what!

Has RP served its purpose and is it really a tool for the good anymore and does it represent the real views. Yesterday saw the ranks close and the arse covering take place.
The usual voices rolled out yesterday and its all rosey again.

I dont really care anymore, let the board continue in the ivory tower and lets fk up another great chance of promotion. Does anyone really believe that 5 players for 4 months has cost us 200k. Dream on.

We will still be here in another 10 years being fed the same bull and spin but who really cares.
PAGL - Sorry but I have to say that you mentioned earlier that the current model will never achieve promotion and yet under that model we have a 'great chance of promotion' I get confused. Surely you must agree that some of the unfolding events can hardly be blamed on individuals ? SR deciding to leave and GB having an apparent change of heart are human decisions beyond anyone other than the individual concerned.
Regarding the 200k I would just like it confirmed that the money has gone. It was certainly stated that it was provided.
It is a long way from Rosey - we have board resignations and fans fighting each other and without doubt a serious communication issue between management and rank and file supporters. To answer your last point though - I care as do many more.