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Default Re: 'Redpassion is a disgrace

Originally Posted by Ddraigoch View Post
I didn't realise the person who raised it was on the board?
The phrase, 'if you can't stand the heat..........' readily springs to mind!
Likewise, the club are also very happy to accept the RP money when it is offered and some of our contributors do outstanding work for the club as well as being in here.

In the past RP contributors have sponsored players, matches (with others) and even helped Geoff Scott out when there has been no match ball sponsor.

Now if you want to link those who spout rubbish with the people who support the club financially and post on here, that's your prerogative but biting one of the hands that feeds you never works.
Iíve just checked back on who posted it, and see it was Rob who quoted Ďsome bloke on the micí, so may or may not have been a Board member.
I donít disagree with any of what you say about RPíS fundraising efforts, Iíve contributed myself in the past, as Iím sure some of the alleged Ďsingle brain cellí owners have.
Those who do spout rubbish on here are not excluded from contributing to fundraising initiatives. Nor are they exempt from criticism.
The expression, Ďif you canít take it........í also springs to mind.