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Default Re: 'Redpassion is a disgrace

Originally Posted by fezbob View Post
I find it weird that people blame a platform for anything. As has been rightly pointed out, a lot of money has been raised for the club over the years via RP and we wouldn't know half of what goes on without it. Yes, there are some who go OTT but it sounds like a deflection method to bat off some of the valid concerns raised on here.
Its fear of "People Power".

It has been shown in the past what can be organised via a platform such as this. No reason something couldn't be done that threatens Board Members places (via the proper routes, I hasten to add) eg. calls for elections etc.

Call something a "disgrace" and you try and discredit anything that might arise from this platform. However, you also run the risk of people wondering why its so disgraceful, popping on for a look, becoming interested and then joining any movement against the status quo!