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Default Re: Barrow Dropped Us In It, No Differnt Than Rickets

Originally Posted by Quay Red View Post
I thought the timeline was explained poorly but was basically:-
Barrow agreed a 1 year contract to see how things would go. He enjoyed the training ground atmosphere and enjoyed working with Rickets. Rickets was happy with Barrow and asked the board to extend Barrows contract to end at the same time as his.
The board approved the request, formalised a new contract and offered it to Barrow. The deal was verbally done before the Shrewsbury fiasco.
The board were then legally tied to the contract.
Whilst Barrow initially said he didn't want to manage he changed his mind and said he wanted the job. Easy decision for the board to make. Barrow then appoints Newell.
3 weeks into the job experiencing the highs and lows of a 7 day a week job rather than amore relaxing 3 / 4 day part time position Barrow speaks to Spencer to inform him that it wasn't working for him and he would like to step down. He would stay on until the process of finding a new man was completed. The board looked at previous candidates and conducted interviews keeping Barrow informed. Bryan Hughes was interviewed last Sunday and was appointed a few days later.
Bryan wanted Barrow to stay on as assistant but that would have meant Barrow replacing Newell who he'd appointed. I believe that it was at this point that Barrow decided to go completely.

Must admit I got confuse over the Data Protection stuff which apparently stopped the WAFC board telling the trust board what was happening. It seems it's down to employer / employee confidentiality.

Meeting basically panned out as I expected. Telling questions not asked as the initial statement / address covered most of the issues that have been discussed on here.
This is exactly how this was explained at the meeting.