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Default Re: 'Redpassion is a disgrace

Right then. RP shouldn't bother sponsoring season, tell them to shove it. No more money should be raised seeing as they can afford to casually throw so much away on desperately trying to correct their own mistakes.

The spin and blaming everyone bar themselves absolutely stinks but I'm not surprised.

Self preservation is the main aim, everything and everyone else can go to hell.

I didn't believe the club board could survive what's been revealed this week but I underestimated the absolute lows that they would sink to to excuse their cock ups and deflect attention away from themselves.

I'll never rejoin the WST with this lot in charge.

The biggest thing is the divide its created between fans and also the relationship between club and fans is the lowest its been since Moss owned the club.

The #WeAreOneTeam that's being pedalled couldn't be further away from the truth of the situation now.
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