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Default Re: 'Redpassion is a disgrace

Originally Posted by Corner Flag View Post
Really ? just think where the supporters would be without RP reporting what is going on at the club that would otherwise be kept secret by the chosen few ?
I was there last night and the idiot making that statement clearly is a happy clapper head in the sand stooge.
I remember the importance of having RP to save our club a few years ago and as for those that think it's a minority of supporters who visit RP look at the numbers logged on at important times ..850 plus and then it crashes .
There is so much that is a disgrace at the moment that trying to attack RP is so wrong. Yes we have WUMs yes we have some Jester idiots on our message board but in the main RP represents those that care about the club and long may it continue and you can increase the number on RP sponsoring players to 4 as I sponsor one as well.
Agree with you.
RP has been responsible for a lot of good things and cannot easily be dismissed like a naughty child.
That said, some of the abuse and rude ill informed comments have been cringeworthy. Apparently worse on other forms of social media.
Yes it was obvious that the explanation of events would take the initiative away from serious questioning and the board did that effectively.
I was surprised that Bryan stayed to listen to the second half of the "show"
I fully expected him to have been whisked away before the board was questioned.