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Default Re: Barrow Dropped Us In It, No Differnt Than Rickets

Originally Posted by Alan Attack View Post
Why dont you table a motion for a paid Chief Exec and apportion at least 100k from the playing budget to pay him.

I suggest if we had 2 less players, wed be in the shit and not 4 points from the top.

Whilst a paid Chief Exec would pay for himself, in time, that could take a couple of years. Therefore, if you want to remove at least 100k from the playing budget, put the resolution to members to vote on.
Any CEO would on a day to day basis be carrying out the policies dictated to him by the board.
I'm pretty sure that on the subject of managerial appointments/resignations he would have to refer back to the board and not be in a position to make autonomous decisions.
What in effect he would be doing is micromanaging the non playing side of the business.
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