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Default Re: 'Redpassion is a disgrace

Originally Posted by llewelyn View Post
Football is a game of opinions and everyone is entitled to theirs.
I have watched wpm for over 50 years, over 40 of those with my father, I don't think we ever witnessed the same game, but we could agree to disagree.
The trust also divides opinion, some for ,some against, many just content to turn up on Saturdays, unconcerned who is in charge behind the scenes.
The trust make mistakes as any owner would, I have alwayys been a member although I cannot say they were my ideal way forward in the beginning.
Posters on RP have a right to voice an opinion but the vitriol spouted by some on both sides is a disgrace.
In the heat of a match is one thing but I don't get the undermining of players or personel abuse of board members.
Fans ideas may differ but the atmosphere generated divides a fan base who should pull together dispute opinions.
Some anti trust posters are talking of starting a new fans group.
To what purpose.
How can a group have any part to play in a club, where they insult any supporter with different vie.
This group constantly refer to fans with a differing vie as happy clapped, kiss arises ,arose lockers etc.
One poster has said he is sad a war is starting between fans ,while calling others arse lickers. For the sake of our club, put cues to one side and concentrate on the team for the last 15 game and maybe we can do it.

Right on !!!!!
Down with this sort of thing!!!