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Default Re: Time for positivity - a rallying cry

Originally Posted by Greasby Red View Post

We’ve got to move on from what’s tearing us all apart and eating us up inside.

Look at some of the latest headline threads on passion is a disgrace...the leak...barrow dropped us in it...Jesus, we need some positivity. Bring back that thread which said if you believe you will champions then you will be champions. Kiwi Red, time to come back.

This is our best chance in years to get out of this hell hole of a league. Time to rally round. I’ve just been reading the Leyton Orient fans forum. They’ve given up and conceded the league to Solihull.

We’re better than that. This is ours to take. Bryan Hughes gave me some of the best days of my life as a Wrexham fan during that cup run in 1997.Bring in anyone you want from that era as your assistant- Karl Connolly, Andy Marriott, Barry Jones, Tony Humes - or get them in to talk to these players now about what this club can be.

They were winners. Bryan,you can make us winners again. We’re with you.

Come on comrades, rally round, remember who we are, we’re WREXHAM AFC.

Fourteen games to go...
Agree with your theme but as for Assistant or Coach this appointment is key.
We need an experienced appointment , because BH has proved nothing yet and we don’t want another ladder carrier.