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now that everyone has stopped having an orgasm about flynn the messiah is back,except me. i am not a fan of how much of an imbut is he having on the team, hes not on the touchline with the other three clueless ones, but sitting in the stands. we have not performed since he came on board. the money were paying him could and should have been used to pay a decent strikers wages, flynn can t score but a striker can and thats whats needed. the board are wasting the money the club has. we ll make the playoffs just but only for one round then its back to the two year plan and not enough money to bring in decent players. we should have got a decent manager in by now and been out of this league four years ago, the board are penny pinching cheap option every time
Flynnís appointment is integral to the long term plan of moving the football club forward. Bryan Hughes needed an experienced assistant and I donít think the board could of got in anyone better. Regarding the issue that the money should have been spent on a striker, I canít understand why we couldnít do both, but I think getting some decent midfielders might be money better spent.