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Originally Posted by Funny_Old_Game View Post
Nobody can change the mentality of this group. They’ve been brainwashed into no risk football

In my opinion, Tuesday was not the time to change things......

The management took a huge risk on Tuesday evening, going to a new more attacking formation, which you said before kick off was “more like it”.
I’m not restating this as a criticism of you, but it strikes me that going gung ho at this stage of the season was not what was needed.......

We had got where we were by being defensively minded. It has worked, even if it isn’t pretty.
I agree that you can’t change that defensive mentality overnight, so why did Hughes try?

If you couple that new set up with the fact that Roberts was coming back from injury, had McGlashen in front of him who’s game he doesn’t know yet, (and who by all accounts was very poor on the night), rather than Rutherford who’s he does. And vice versa of course. Those singling out Roberts for criticism elsewhere on this forum, is somewhat unfair in my view.
Also, Pearson, our leader and stand out defender was out injured too. Another reason not to change formation and mentality at a crucial stage of the season.

So Management should take the flack, moreso than the players, in my view.