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Originally Posted by Haruki View Post
Personally i would have maintained the 4-3-3 system and used Rutherford as the third midfielder with the brief to use his energy to get around the pitch harrying and harassing opponents. Ricketts used him there a few times and I thought he was pretty effective and gave us energy in the centre of the park. We then had 3 from four of Tollit, Beavon, Oswell and McGleashan up top although personally i think Holroyd deserves a chance in the front three seeing as he scored 14 goals last season.

Other options for the third midfield slot were Deverdicks and Kennedy, the latter choice meaning Tharme slotted in an centre back.

The point is he was't forced to play 4-4-2 he had three options of maintaining the team shame and system. 4-3-3 got us to the top of the league before the Orient game, the players have been playing it all season and are well drilled. The change to 4-4-2 presumably had only Monday to practice team shape as Sunday would have been a day off.

Yozzer got it horribly wrong and showed his naivety. You simply can't wing games in the National League with only two in centre midfield, they aren't good enough players to cover all of the disciplines required.
That massively excuses the players for their inept clueless performances. Formations aside if as PD rightly says you can't even get the basics right you could have a team set up by Ferguson Mourhino and Pep and you'd still lose.
Plus why didn't one of the senior players out there get hold of a few of them and take control. If Keates in his pomp would have been out there I'm pretty sure he would have.
Hopefully was just a one off, a bad day that's not repeated again this season...

P.s. Re Deverdics - I think we all agree he isn't good enough, has done nothing since he signed and when given chances he failed to take them. It speaks volumes he didn't even make the bench.
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