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There will be much debate on Flynn but this shouldn't be taken out of context after Tuesday's performance.

I think the wider picture here is as a club the board have gambled massively with Hughes which they then tried to dampen down the critics with Flynn. It's a worry to me personally that bar Hughes the rest of the entire back room staff are part time.

Darlington as we no is a Friday and game day, while Jussi and Flynn are both contracted for two days. Flynn still has a major role at Norwich and if they get promoted who knows what he will do.

Flynn is highly unlikely to be on the grass coaching so is Hughes a manager, coach or both? Jussi may coach but under Ricketts was given the job of set pieces and Dan Nolan is around in the interim but here is a guy with no real coaching qualifications and overseen the worst youth team performance for a number of years and a dwindling center of excellence where players are leaving freely to other clubs due to poor training and games programs.

The question shouldn't be solely on Flynn but the entire management team.