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Default Re: January window signings

Originally Posted by davewilli View Post
Is it just about the cash though, if rumours are correct we have targetted quality over the last couple of seasons but it seems extremely difficult to land those signings. Talking to a couple of local FL players, both targetted by Wxm they are aware we are paying good wages but there is a reluctance to drop to the NL. Unless we have silly money like Salford to throw at it, we are best suited to cast the net wide and find a few gems who can be developed quickly to level required. Hopefully BH & BF can identify those players and can get them in.
Its not all about cash your right. Its about looking a bit longer term though.
We should have a CF thats good enough for 2-3 years minimum. Fondop was never this option. Backup option yes but not main CF.

We have struggled for years not just 1 season.

BH has to sort out CM and CF in the summer thats the priority. Providing Pearson, Lawlor +1 stay as well.