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Default Re: January window signings

Originally Posted by davewilli View Post
Where did I say we can't afford? It seems well known we are paying decent contracts. Those type of players are well within our budget especially if we had taken a punt on them before they starting to show some consistent form. What I was saying is; if they become available now we will be competing with FL clubs and even if we more than match wages/package will they come to us.
Ok. I must have misunderstood -
Unless we pay the sort of salaries Salford allegedly do, then what are the chances of us attracting a proven goalscorer at L2 or NL level anywhere near his prime.

For me the key is to establish a strategy and any manager then knows what it is.
Obviously they can work outside it when needed but the principal should be to attract players from ‘smaller’ clubs especially as we have no youth or reserve policy. Maybe you disagree.