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Default Re: Trust Board Vacancies

Originally Posted by Wirral Red View Post
At last a chance for all the moaners on here to do something positive.
There are four vacancies on the WST board coming up for election in June.
If you don't like Spencer , the way things are being run , catering , procedures for selecting the manager etc here's your chance to do something positive.
I know some will say it's the football club board which makes some of these decisions but this could be a way on to it , or at least a way to give your views some credibility.
A slate of four of the biggest moaners on here could have a joint manifesto , it would be interesting to see how much support they'd get.
What’s the background to this post? Are you pushing put up or shut up?

Having an opinion in no way goes hand in hand with putting yourself forward for a board position.