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Originally Posted by The Only Way Is Up View Post
Why don't all the dissenters on RP etc., look at the information linked here:

Notice of WST Annual General Meeting 2019

It tells you how to be nominated as a Trust Board candidate, explains the distinction between a Club Board director and a Trust Board member, and also outlines the job specification too. It's much more than just "putting in the hours" and the people who will elect any new Board Members are the fans themselves - all members have a vote that they can cast at the AGM
if they attend, or online prior to the AGM.

No need for snide remarks about various abilities - if you don't think the candidates are qualified to match the job specification when you read their Candidates' Statements, don't vote for them. If you think you would like the job yourself, submit your own nomination, or nominate someone else that you would be happy with seeing on the Board.

The link also explains how you can submit a Resolution to the AGM (detailing how you believe things should be run, for example.)
The remarks are in relation to the football board, which is selected amongst themselves and the WST board. If you didn't vote for those on the WST board you aren't really voting for those later selected to be on the football board.

The way it's done is like with the EU, Country leaders selecting who they want not whom the people want. It doesn't work with the EU and it certainly won't with a football club. Too many with self interests.

I'm a member of another organisation and we get a vote on all boards and it's members, unless they go uncontested for a role like president normally one candidate is put forward by the boards and a vote is done. All 120K members get a say unless uncontested on all positions, should they make a pig's ear of it it's far easier to give them the boot too.

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