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Originally Posted by Alan Attack View Post
What’s the alternative for you personally? You seem so disconnected with this club.
Sorry Alan I read your post and a few others (I got the feel that you genuinely asked why I am disconnected) so here it goes.

1. The wst bought the club to stabilise it - achieved that.
2. There is no plan it was buy the club clear the debts as quick as possible, it killed us off and that alone set us back years and anyone who says “you have to pay them” a deal or arrangement would of been set up prior to purchasing.
3. Constant talk of promotion when all it was ... talk.
4. Don and Horne leaving never addressed.
5. Replacing keates with Davies, then the following year replace the manager twice flip up the January transfer window and the whole cock up of this year.

Personally all of those who have been heavily involved have such egos if they care about the club ie Spencer now is the time for them to back off, it’s actually the incompetence that’s keeping us in this League.

The only people in my eyes who love this community club idea aren’t seeing we aren’t ran any different than if it were one owner.

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