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Default Re: Trust Board Vacancies

Originally Posted by John Neals Dynasty View Post
What's your role on this thread? It appears you wanting to argue with those who don't agree with you.

I'm not arguing with anyone, the thread though the op started off the negativity having a dig at those who don't follow the flock.

It's an opinions forum for fans to make their points, just because it is opposite to your opinion you call it moaning.

Are all those marching over climate change moaners?
Are all those army men and women marching over the victimisation of ex personnel in Ireland moaners.

2 sides to every story.

In reply to the Trust board vacancies they will most likely already be sorted, in the what Foxy calls a clique.

And no I'm not interested I'm to old to be doing any of that and don't live near enough..... Plus even though a member if at the end of the season the cock ups after Ricketts nobody above offers an apology then I won't renew.

Spin it how you like they have probably cost us automatic promotion.
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If you’re not arguing you’re overpopulating it with utter guff. Who care if you voted for brexit.