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Default Re: Trust Board Vacancies

Originally Posted by davewilli View Post
Maybe but we can't get those 5K hard core fans let alone the other 3 or 4K who will be at the Racecourse in 2 weeks time to pay 1per month club membership currently.
Its a puzzle. Growing membership has to be one of our main priorities (maybe Strategy 2021 can be started). To do this we have to improve communication.
Fans do want to see a sense of purpose for their money. I know a lot of members (me included) pay more than the 1 the month and I have suggested ideas on improvements but as I have been told the WST know better than me so hopefully they can improve this with their greater skills.
Selling ‘shares’ or whatever its called does open up a private investor debate so maybe we should be looking to improve different areas first, generate more financial stability and then improve again.

I see the changes and improvements starting at WAFC board but I know many will disagree.

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