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Originally Posted by sparky View Post
It's all opinions, regardless of what he did today, I'd have had him here.

He would of been like Stockton out injured, I didn't expect him to last one half before being injured and proved right.

Today we dominated the first 20 mins and hardly tested the keeper, then our passing especially by Summerfield was embarrassing he started off well then turned to shit.

Roberts was another embarrassment and upfront Holroyd is scared of his own shadow, weak as a kitten but he was probably our best forward that's how bad we are upfront. Grant needs to go to Specsavers and Oswell I can't remember an actual shot by him.

When Beavon came on and Rutherford we knew that was it 2 players who run around quite a bit but created little.

If we get through the first round the away game we will be relying on something we don't have a lotta lotta luck .
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