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Default Re: Trust Board Vacancies

Originally Posted by The Only Way Is Up View Post
Point of order: No one can be nominated if they don't want to stand. It is one of the rules that nominees MUST agree to stand before a nomination form can be submitted. It is explained in the AGM notice.

Some other posters here have assumed that there can only be four candidates for election to the Trust Board. That simply isn't the case:

Nominations for election can be accepted from as many correctly completed nomination forms as are submitted. However, only four of the candidates nominated can be voted on to the Board - those being the ones who receive the highest number of votes cast. All four could be new members if the votes
they receive exceed the numbers cast for any others.

(Please note also that the Board may co-opt additional members to the Board to carry out specific roles at any time, if required. Should there be four candidates or fewer nominated for the Board, there would be no requirement for an election, and those who had been nominated would be appointed automatically.)

I hope this helps.
So theoretically a member of the football board could be voted off at a Trust election, co-opted straight back on and retain a place on the football board given both can have un-elected cop-opted members?
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