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Default Re: Wxmfrontline on twitter

Originally Posted by pagl View Post
Not sure if anyone knows him but apparently ‘my dripping hatred to the club board’ will put off a lot of potential candidates.
Really. How is that then. Unless they are just lapdogs.

I have no personal hatred towards any board member. I just criticise the poor decisions oh and offer suggestions for improvement.
It seems the closed corridors of power now have their own guard dogs to protect them from the nasty men on here.

Seems the club would be better off without my money then.
although its OTT .

to an extent he is right.. the ease that some of the posters on here vent anger and point fingers towards board members could potentially put people off applying for posts on the board.

have you seen some of the crap that spencer harris has had from fans ? that itself will put potentially put good people off standing for the board. end of the day Harris is human .. he will make mistakes.. and i personally belieave 100% he has the best interests of the club at heart. as do the rest of the board. hence any crap fans give him or other members of the board , in my opinion is ridiculous and stupid and not warrented.

as for "YOU putting people off voting" the tweet doesnt say that at all .. the tweets says this forum will put people off standing for election

here is copy & paste of said tweet for those who dont use Twitter

21 hours ago
So, who on the club board is shagging Pagl’s wife? The man is dripping hatred towards them. Tell you what though, that lot on Red Poison will put off a lot of prospective board candidates with their sniping.