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Default Re: Trust Board Vacancies

Originally Posted by wafc1926 View Post
I posted earlier that I could think of a couple of people I'd love to see on the WST board but didn't believe it was fair to suggest them. Both, as it happens, already do fantastic work for the DSA. One , as you have probably guessed , is Steve Gilbert. The other , and I hope he doesn't mind me mentioning his name, is Andy Pierce. I suspect , however, they get more enjoyment and satisfaction , from their current roles than they would on the WST board with all its obvious weaknesses and apparent unwillingness to change. Shame really , because there are some great people on the WST board whose power is currently limited by the present structure. Change will come , I believe, but it might take some time.
I really feel - with four places up for grabs this time around - that there is a rare opportunity this year for freshening things up, to be built upon next year with a further chance to add new faces.