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Default Re: Trust Board Vacancies

Originally Posted by Ruabon Red View Post
I don't doubt the Board's commitment, long-standing support and desire to see us back in the League.

The Board members have in the main been elected by their fellow fans following many years of following the club, home and away, volunteering, fund-raising, sponsoring etc etc.

They therefore all come from a relatively small pool of individuals who have known one another for a reasonable length of time and are, to one degree or another `mates'.

As such, they will tend to make decisions based on a common consensus, with plain speaking and fundamental disagreements on likely to be rare.

Therein lies an intrinsic weakness
I think that changed quickly when Dave Roberts and Phil Jones left.
I don't know the board, but MW clearly has a vital skill, as does GS. I'm not sure that SH being HR in industry is transferable to football but the current board have learned a lot over the past 10 years and are by no means inexperienced amateurs playing football manager.
It is however wrong to assume anyone WST or WFC is irreplaceable. They all came spparently from nowhere when the WST took over, and I am confident that should anyone leave there are more skilled candidates waiting to be called on.
That said, like I expect a manager to have all important positions covered, so should the board.
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