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Exclamation Biggest fixture this month not tomorrow? Uni land to be sold to developer?

I have had a very interesting conversation today, if not quite concerning.

It appears lots is in place across the football club, welsh gov, council and various stakeholders to ensure the Kop land is secured with various plans in place for the future. It all sounds really positive and I would guess when worked in with the gateway plans for that area of town etc could be bright for the club and town. Wonderful!

However I am told it is dependant on the Kop land....

There has been interest previously in the land from a fast food retailer, and more recently a new mysterious 'developer'. I have been told Welsh Gov have fronted up on their promise to secure the land and made an offer to the Uni for the land, however it was declined as did not meet a valuation.

The mysterious developer has come up with a better offer and I am told it is going before the Uni board later this month, and could see it agreed to be sold.

I have no reason to doubt the above, and figures bandied about were bids of 850k - 1m.

Is anyone able to fact check the above, or give any further detail?

I would hope WCBC, Welsh Gov etc either come up with the cash to bridge the gap - or the Uni come to a swift fair arrangement to ensure the land is secured for the benefit of our community club and wider Wrexham community rather than a 'developer'.
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