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It's all down to how the club is organised and how expectations are set. The players are not of the quality we have been used to over the years (just think back to the days of Ferguson, Connolly, Edwards, Trundle, Morrell, etc., let alone the years before that), but, even so, we look out of our depth as an attacking team because we are not set up to attack. Defense is the highest priority and it is absolutely clear and has been for nearly three years now that we are set up for tight games and slender margins.

The problem with that is simple - slender margins can go for and against you, and today it was against. Quite apart from the fact that it is boring as hell and simply not the Wrexham way. None of us who have been watching since the seventies, or at least before 2007, recognise a system that is overly defensive as the Wrexham way.

My serious issue is just that - I don't recognise my team and every week I care just a little less about what happens as they bore me to death. I'll always be Wrexham TID, but this has to change. The culture is wrong because the emphasis is wrong, because the key coaching and playing staff are wrong and the priorities are wrong.

There are lots of good people trying to make this club get somewhere and it will all come to nothing unless we address these issues first.
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