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The Spin will be
1. Playoffs for the first time for years
2. Highest average attendances for 38 years.
3. Money in the Bank for next years effort
4. We hit the bar twice and had goal disallowed.
The reality is
1. We have a decent defence.
2. We have a terrible attack
3. We have an awful midfield.
4. We knock more balls over the top than Wimbledon of old.
5. We have money in the Bank when a decent chunk of it should have been invested for a decent striker and a creative midfielder or even two.
6. We have a Manager yet again brought in on the cheap.
7. Darlington still seems to be pulling the strings in the background.
8. What the F##k is Flynn actually doing and no I dont like him however I thought he would be doing something.
9. The final thing and the most Damming for me is The Board don't look like they have a Clue with regards to the footballing side of the club. They need to go and go now.