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Default Massive change needed.

This is not going to be a popular thread I accept that.

But who thinks we need an outside not connected to the club investigation into the club from top to bottom particularly at the Top table who are responsible for the state of this long gone great club on the footballing side of the fence?

Do heads need to roll on the board?
Do heads need to roll on the coaching side including the out of his depth manager?

Or who thinks everything is Hunky Dory at the club and just needs some small changes?

My personal view is something is very wrong in the ever increasing secret corridors of power.

I think the club needs major surgery right from the ground up, if change is not made then this club will never go up and our loyal fanbase are at breaking point.

Rumour is some American consortium (i don't know if true or just rumour) are looking to take over Yeovil.

Big question with this club being a sleeping medium giant and a supported club that outshines clubs far higher in the football pyramid nobody is interested in us, I expect the usual we have nothing worth investing in by the scared of private ownership because of past crooks, be we have to learn from what was mistakes by the club then as regards to these owners. Or accept the club will never go forward of the field a bit like the team.
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