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Default Re: Massive change needed.

We need change but whether that means reducing the WST's involvement is not credible whilst they/us are the sole owner of Wrexham AFC.

Probably best to let the dust settle for a few weeks before a review begins. If there is one, who should do it?

BH has flunked his first season, but is it due to:

His lack of experience and inability;

Lack of resources, which resulted in a squad with lots of effort but little ability;

Or a combination of both.

In BH's defence, the expectations from Wrexham fans are far higher than most clubs at this level. Are our expectations too high? Should we lower them?

Personally, my requirement is to be entertained and promoted back into the FL. I think that is the Board's aim, too; unfortunately, for whatever reason, they seem unable to deliver.
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