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Originally Posted by Haruki View Post
It's great to see that you are focussing on the big issues at the club
Seems few people are. Understand people want to stay positive despite the fact we have to endure yet another miserable year in this godawful league but some of the comments leave me undecided on whether to laugh or cry. Firstly Pete Jones , at the PoS Dinner, compares the current side with the great 1969/70 Promotion side , apparently on the basis of a sound defensive record. He conveniently forgot the fact that team played in a higher division , gave Liverpool and Man Utd tests in away cupties ( including taking the lead at Anfield ! ) and had quality players such as Dave Gaskell, Eddie May, Gareth Davies , Arfon Griffiths (peerless ) , Ian Moir , Ray Smith ......and the Football League's top scorer Albert Kinsey in their ranks!! I like Pete and also Mark Griffiths , who repeated similar nonsense in today's Leader about records equalled by this season's side , but question their grasp on reality.
Meanwhile , as you say , the Big Issues are shuffled off into the distance. Very depressing.
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