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Default Re: Will you renew your season ticket or wst membership?

At this moment in time it's a don't know.

My health has deteriorated this last year and watching the utter boredom and frustration of the last God knows how many years hasn't helped.

For me Thursday was a killer 120mins of passing side to side in defence and across the defensive minded midfield then just hoofing it forward to an isolated short ass player with no support is mind numbingly boring and the tactics of someone without a clue how football should be played.

If as looks and I suppose should be the little boy lost Bryan Hughes is going to rebuild the side then I'm really concerned we are going to go more backwards again.

To be honest I've little faith in his ability to build a side going by his loan signings and his team selections.

But early days to decide if I will renew, I would be more likely to if those at the top showed some humility but that's not going to happen.

I think a lot won't renew this time mainly through the lack of hope and entertainment value.
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