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Stockport won't, next season will be all about consolidation for them. None of the teams coming up particularly worry me tbh.

Eastleigh also wont. Losing yesterday will probably mark the end of them as a top National League team. Their big contracts stop being paid by Donaldson now.

Notts County I expect to still be in dissaray unless they change their owners this summer. Yeovil could be a threat though, in the same way Cheltenham were.

Chesterfield are the ones most likely to do a Leyton Orient. Whichever of Fylde or Salford don't go up will be potential champions, Harrogate and Solihull will be up there. Barnet look like they are sorting themselves out. Harrogate could always surprise us, they've got the resources.

It's hard to predict, this league. We should be in the mix though.
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