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Default Re: Will you renew your season ticket or wst membership?

Originally Posted by techender View Post
Despite having real reservations, as I am truly sick and tired of this league and our continual failures within it, I probably will renew, but maybe leave it a little later this year to see how the team is shaping up.

As far as the WST is concerned, I have been paying a standing order each month but this is the one I am seriously thinking of stopping.

I'm afraid my belief in fan ownership has been stretched beyond its limit this season, and the way in which the post-Ricketts fiasco was managed summed up why the club will go nowhere under its current leadership and ownership model.

Fully understand the frustration and anger in some respects but "Careful what you wish for"
All ownership models have their limitations. It's down to money.
We have a pretty good budget, Success is down to how it's spent, so we have to rely on the manager to do his job in the Summer.
Personally think we're a long way off with the squad we've got and unless we can improve on our full backs, midfield and forwards we will be looking at another difficult year ahead. Minimum of 6 players required.
Alternative is to keep the basis of this squad and start, urgently to bring the youngsters into the side whilst looking at the National league North etc for up and coming talent in specific positions.
I do wonder if fans would accept the alternative as a policy to build a side rather than try to buy one.