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Default Re: Will you renew your season ticket or wst membership?

Originally Posted by Ooh aah Paskin View Post
So, the fact I don't want to buy a season ticket or join the WST means I don't support Wrexham then?

Just because I choose to use the money for a season ticket elsewhere shouldn't lessen the support I have for the club. I just have other priorities.
Its just a football club. I love it and want it to be successful, but not at the cost of more important things.

I don't get the 'if you don't do this, or do that, you can't call yourself a true fan' malarkey.
Quite right. everyone has different personal and financial circumstances which governs their spending. Anyone that takes an interest and follows the team even just on here is a fan in my eyes.

I would like to think that we could convert non-members to members or as we should really see it non-owners to owners. Its a cost of 1 a month and whilst even another 1,000 owners wont make big changes to the budget for me its about growing the base and also making it inclusive.