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Default Re: The Manny Smith contract secret - What else are they hiding?

Originally Posted by wrexham forever View Post
What a load of crap. The possibilities I have given are my thoughts, the board being secretive are others opinions.

I don't know the actual but as others say this is a message board for fans to express their views. OR is it a message board on which we have to agree with the few who continually have a go at the Wrexham FC board, the WST board and fans who do see good in a lot of what is being done.
The board keeping secrets isn't up for debate, its fact. This isn't the only thing they kept from fans as has been pointed out on this thread.

A player signing a new deal isn't going to be a secret from their team mates. That's ridiculous. I think you are desperate to try and excuse the board for this and it shows when you get all defensive as you have done above. NO ONE has said you have to agree with anything. No one.
Wrexham FC fan not a WST fan.
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