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Default Re: The Manny Smith contract secret - What else are they hiding?

Originally Posted by Prodigal Dragon View Post
Is it a reasonable assumption of yours? We simply do not know the facts, yet you are determined to lambast the Board. They may have a valid reason or, alternatively, you may be correct, and they are deliberately misleading their pseudo-shareholders - remember, there is only one share in the club, held by the WST for its members; if so, the Board needs a stern talking to by the Chairman of the WST.

We cannot expect to be told everything but, equally, there can be no excuse for withholding embarrassing information. It's not the act that gets you; it's the cover-up!
Can you think of a valid reason?

With holding information is deliberately mis-leading which ever way its dressed up.

As for a stern talking to by the WST chairman, please. As if thats ever going to happen or likely to achieve anything. See January debacle.

If an organisation has done something and tried to hide it they are obviously scared of something.
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