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Originally Posted by Phils-an-alki View Post
Dolly - PM me hun.
What's this?! You flirting? No chance. I'm still pretty annoyed.

I only came on this board to find out which ground Paul and the lads would be gracing in Portugal. Find the thread and it's mired in froth and bile. Think wtf. So check out the other threads (wish I hadn't) and they are even worse. This thread is like an overspill. After wading through that bilge I had to have a shower and get fresh air.

And there was me thinking we had finished 4th this season and broken some kind of attendance record. I must have been misinformed.

Talking of pm's - you should send one (with an apology) to that Australian person you abused. Can't remember which thread and I'm not going in there to find out, but you can't use words like that to a fellow Wrexham fan. I think the name is oz ( which is a tad unoriginal but that is what Australians are like. Which is fine ). A point was made and over half of the post was facts.

Then you had a go at someone because they misspelled asparagus. And then you start a thread about hide and seek. wtf I haven't played that since I was 12 when the rules seemed to change.

"I think this is worthy of its own thread" No it isn't.
Phil, if you keep up this epic level of bile production you gonna make yourself ill - just saying.

As for what you have written about Paul Rutherford: what can I say? I am sure that you would agree that everyone is different. Now some of us do appreciate an energetic performance which is something, so I've heard, that is way beyond your capabilities.

It's envy, Phil. Just envy. Deep breath and

It is understandable. I mean, you are talking about the Isle of Man supporters Player of the Season and our future captain. Gotta show some respect.