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Originally Posted by dolly dagger View Post
"travel abroad" !

Jeez, you must be very very old.

We are not "travelling abroad". We are visiting another bit of the continent. The European content. Our continent. We are Europeans. Or so we thought. ....

Why the lack of tolerance?

Ok. You pack your Austin Allegro with buckets and spades and bottles of brown ale and drive to Rhyl for 2 weeks by the sea. Do we mock you for this? Do we make negative comments? No we don't.

Next weekend I will be visiting a Greek island for 2 weeks. A jet aeroplane will get me there and I will be taking my customised flip flops, superb bose headphones which I seem to have acquired and a pocketful of kim jong uns.

Viva la difference! ( or is it le difference? Not sure. Gender huh. Tricky stuff ).

Anyway, do not call me a "traitor" because I have "travelled abroad" ( I am being pre emptive here ).

You gotta realise that not all of us want to drive around in Austin Allegros.
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