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Default Colliers Park/Gresford/ FAW training ground

There are two things boiling my piss at the moment :

1) Our 12th year in non league with not much hope of change

2) Our old training ground

Surely I'm not the only one who cannot believe the Football Association of Wales are building a brand new training ground, on the site of our old Colliers Park, whilst Wales' oldest football club struggles in non league, training on a glorified park field.

Please can someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but Colliers was built after the sale of one of our best youth players to Birmingham City, our current manager Brian Hughes, and was taken away from us because we couldn't afford to pay for both the ground and the training ground. Taken away from us after it was stolen from us in the first place, by the asset strippers.

Now, I'm fully expecting Alan and co to tell me we have no legal right to the site, but morally and in the context of football, Welsh football, I find it disgusting. Surely, the FAW will make plans for Wrexham football club to use this facility? We need to make this a problem for the FAW and I'd like to think the Jimmy's could get involved here.

If fan ownership is here to stay I think it's even more important we try to get involved here. When it comes to attracting new players, we all know money dictates, and we can't compete with a lot of other clubs. So, when a new player is shown around the place, it can make all the difference, it's where the first team spend most of their time, their workplace really isn't it? Shortly after signing, Pearson told us at a supporters meeting he realised why Keates got him to sign his contract before showing him nine acres.

I'd like to think some arrangement could be made, and we should be putting pressure on the FAW, Council and Welsh assembly. Please tell me I'm not alone here?
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