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Default Re: Colliers Park/Gresford/ FAW training ground

Originally Posted by Alan Attack View Post
Id rather we had our own facility, Dixie and not being second class citizens to something which once belonged to the club. I admire the sentiment but like those flats, its a reminder of those who tried to destroy this club for personal gain.
Don't want to play the party pooper but our loss of Colliers Park was a direct result of the 2008 WST agm when members overwhelmingly supported a WST board Resolution backing Moss and Roberts plans to separate Club and its assets. Obviously easy , with hindsight , to recognise the good motivations but also acknowledge the fact that we were wrong to back Moss and Roberts and trust in their goodwill .
Just for the record ...Spencer Harris , Lindsay Jones , Phil Wynn and others ....including myself ....voted against trusting those lying charlatans .
ps Geoff Moss hated me , a fact of which I'm quite proud.
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