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Default Re: Colliers Park/Gresford/ FAW training ground

Originally Posted by wafc1926 View Post
Don't want to play the party pooper but our loss of Colliers Park was a direct result of the 2008 WST agm when members overwhelmingly supported a WST board Resolution backing Moss and Roberts plans to separate Club and its assets. Obviously easy , with hindsight , to recognise the good motivations but also acknowledge the fact that we were wrong to back Moss and Roberts and trust in their goodwill .
Just for the record ...Spencer Harris , Lindsay Jones , Phil Wynn and others ....including myself ....voted against trusting those lying charlatans .
ps Geoff Moss hated me , a fact of which I'm quite proud.
I am aware of this and kudos to you for sticking it to Moss and Roberts.

Whilst I appreciate that the WST supported splitting the assets in ‘08, what would’ve happened if they hadn’t?
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