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Default Re: Colliers Park/Gresford/ FAW training ground

Originally Posted by Quay Red View Post
Pre planning application is not a Statutory requirement.
It's a facility that can be used to gauge an opinion from a planning officer but is not a guarantee of success or failure when a full application is submitted. Sketch proposals would be submitted with photos of the site etc.
The benefit to an applicant is to get an opinion on a proposal without having to have the expense of full plans and proposals being drawn up which could be rejected. Responses from planners are unfortunately slow.
On a scheme like The Groves, it is more than likely that a meeting with a Senior Planner would be arranged to discuss the proposal. Getting the local councillors on board is a real bonus.
Pre-app Consultation (PAC) is relatively new legislation in Wales (2016) and not to be confused with pre-app advice (or pre planning application) which youíve helpfully outlined.

In its simplest form, any form of major development (usually 1 ha.+, 10 dwellings, 1000m2) must go through local consultation for a minimum of 28 days before an application is submitted. You effectively prepare your application in draft and inform adjoining landowners and interested parties.

As I say, we should all know about the application before itís submitted
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